Top Outdoor Spring Break Adventures that all Kids will love!

UnknownGuest Post by Ken Myers

Spring Break is a great time to take the kids and have an adventure. The trick is to find a vacation that everyone will like. I know because I have two children that are total opposites. Here are some suggestions for Spring Break adventures that will please everyone and create memories to last a lifetime.

images-1The Beach

When you have two, three, or more personalities in one family there is always something for each of them at the beach: building sand castles, beach combing for shells and driftwood, or reading a book while listening to the waves roll in for the laid back family members. And for those with a desire for high adventure there is surfing, body surfing, sailing, windsurfing for the older kids, snorkeling, and much more. My son loves to body surf, make sand castles, and find fiddler crabs. My daughter is more of the reader and beach comber. We are all happy when we are at the beach. Even just long walks down the beach can be great exercise. Be sure to put on lots of sunscreen and reapply frequently to avoid sunburn. It is easy for small children to get overheated and exhausted at the beach, so make sure you take lots of breaks. Most beach towns also have outdoor amusement parks for activities during the night. Boardwalks and gift shops are a fun way to get your kids out and about all week.


This is also a way to make multiple personalities happy. I know that some people do not like to rough it, but for those people there are recreational vehicles which you can rent. These vehicles have all the conveniences of home on wheels or pulled behind wheels. We like to camp near the lake which has boating, fishing, skiing, and swimming. You can also take nature walks and go hiking. There is so much fun to be had cooking and singing around the camp fire at night and it can be such a bonding experience for the whole family. There is usually so much wildlife to see when you are out in the woods as well. If your family does biking then many parks offer hike and bike trails that give a new adventurous spin on bikers familiar only with smooth city streets. Kids love skidding through the mud puddles and getting down and dirty with it.

waterparkWater Parks

There are great water parks in many cities or within driving distance from most cities around the country. Cold weather states have indoor parks. I have yet to meet a child that does not like to take a trip to the water park. From winding rivers, crashing waves, slides of all sizes, inner tubes, to kiddy pools there is something for everyone at a water park. Many of the parks let you bring in a picnic lunch while some require that you buy your food on the premises. They generally have grassy areas and lounge chairs for relaxing and picnic tables for eating. Lots of cold treats such as ice cream, ices, and cold drinks are offered all through the parks. The great thing about water parks is that they keep kids moving all day long. Swimming, climbing ladders and just playing around in the water burn off tons of energy while being exciting and fun. If a water park is too busy for your style then try tubing down a river. There are many areas that have smooth sailing for floaters and more active participants. Kids will love to paddle along the shallow water and see the sights of nature. They can make new friends and splash around. For more adventurous types you can also do water sports like white water rafting and canoeing or kayaking.

dudeDude Ranches

For the families that yearn for the old west experience there are many parts of the country that offer dude ranches as your destination. Riding horseback, learning to rope, and eating off the chuck wagon are treats for city folks. The rustic surroundings and the country life can be good for relaxing those strained city nerves. The sounds of coyotes, crickets, and owls serenading you to sleep at night can be just what the doctor ordered, along with the old cow poke strumming on his guitar and singing songs about the old west. Being able to see the stars in all their glory is a special treat as well for those of us who live in constant light pollution. Early to bed, early to rise and hard work all day might not sound like fun, but your kids will love it and learn a lot.

Ski-Tips-for-KidsSnow Skiing

Even if you are not a veteran skier there are the bunny slopes. For those that grow up in the snow this is a natural pastime but for those who live in places where they seldom see snow this could be the adventure of their lifetime. Snowboarding and sledding are some other activities that children and adults alike can enjoy. Spring break is the perfect time to visit before all the snow melts.

These are just a few of the many adventures you can take your kids on during their spring break. Take this opportunity to make memories together as a family that will last a life time. Remember that being active and involved can make even the most reluctant child enjoy their vacation. Have fun!

Author Bio:

Ken holds a master’s in business leadership from Upper Iowa University and multiple bachelor degrees from Grand View College.  As president of, Ken’s focus is helping Houston-based parents find the right childcare provider for their family. When he isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his three children and his wife.