Guest Post Guidelines

Get Kids Outside wants great stories about your adventures with getting kids outside in Wisconsin and beyond. There’s a big world out there and we need your help to get more kids exposed to the great outdoors.

Only stories about getting kids outside please. If your story involves outings in other states besides Wisconsin, you need to include at least one Wisconsin location. It helps to have links to the places you are talking about.

We do not pay for content and you can’t pay us to write about something.

We love to trade articles about getting kids outside with established outdoor sites. If you’re a writer who writes about kids and the outdoors, talk to us.

We do not publish sponsored posts, so don’t contact us if you’re trying to get a link back to something totally unrelated like computers or autos. Our editorial policy is tough, we pride ourselves on the quality of writing.

We’re interested in articles of 600-800 words with at least one great photo. Query first, we don’t accept articles we haven’t approved.

Also, articles must be original. If you’ve published a story somewhere else, please do not try to send it to us.

Any articles published here become the property of Get Kids Outside. We do not publish reprints. We’ll happily link back to your outdoor website if applicable.

Here’s what we’re looking for at the moment:

  • Top 10 lists as they relate to getting kids outside.
  • Great places to take kids that are low cost.
  • Low cost summer outdoor activities for kids.
  • Stories that feature getting kids of all colors and backgrounds. We don’t want to show just white kids doing things outside.
  • Interesting ways to enjoy the outdoors with kids even in urban areas.

Please email us at:

Diane Schwartz



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