Bubble Mania at PBS Kids Get Up And Go! Day!

What do you get when you take 20 gallons of bubble juice and add hundreds of kids?

One huge bubble party!

Get Kids Outside was delighted to return for a second year to Wisconsin Public Television’s annual  PBS Kids Get up and Go Day on August 3. Kids heard a concert with Mr. Steve and got to meet many of their favorite PBS characters like Super Why and The Cat in the Hat.

They also got to make lots of bubbles courtesy of Get Kids Outside. Enjoy the photos and many thanks to the wonderful volunteers who made the day so enjoyable for the kids.

And remember, it’s not too late to book your summer bubble party. Just contact Diane today at getkidsoutside@gmail.com.

A very calm bubble maker.

I like this kid’s style. So calm and yet so effective.

This kid wins the tiniest person with the largest bubble award.

Bubble Maestro. What style and poise. Clearly, he’s done this before.

The bouncing bubble trick from The Maestro.

The next best thing to making bubbles is popping them.

Mr. Steve sings the Bubble Song with lots of bubbles in the air thanks to a bubble machine provided by Get Kids Outside.

Mom lends a hand. Be sure you don’t inhale. Yuck.

Bubble mania at its best.

Do you like my new hat? I do, I do, I like your new party hat!

Team effort.

I love the colors in this photo. Pink, blue and her golden red hair.

Do you have an event that could benefit from a lot of bubbles, then contact Get Kids Outside today at getkidsoutside@gmail.com. There’s plenty of summer left and plenty of bubbles to make. 

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