Mud Season… the Joys of March

Mud happens.
Snow happens.
So does rain, sleet and some gloriously warm days.
Today we had both.
The day started sunny and warm and ended with a biting wind and sleet.
It’s a crazy weather month punctuated by Madison spring rituals like The Garden Show, Canoecopia, Bike-o-Rama and high school basketball tournaments.
It’s a month where I break out the mud boots and think, if but for a moment, about putting away the Sorels.
It’s a month at the cusp, full of weather surprises and the end of winter clubs.

Tomorrow, March 1, is the last day of cross-country ski club. We’ll be celebrating with ski games plus kids will each get a certificate of completion.* That’s always a proud and sad moment as some kids will be moving on to middle school and won’t be back next year. Then, I start planning for summer and coaching Girls on the Run. Girls on the Run is a new program for me, and I’m looking forward to coaching girls as they prepare for a 5K run in June. Anything that gets kids moving and outside is a good thing.

What will you be doing with kids in March 2012?

*The only reason we’ve been able to ski this winter is because Blackhawk Ski Club makes snow. Thank you Blackhawk Ski Club. See you next year.


2 thoughts on “Mud Season… the Joys of March

  1. Not a fan of the cusp month. Not enough snow to ski, usually too cold and messy to bike. This whole winter felt like a cup month.

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