If you want snow this weekend, just head to the Capitol Square for Winterfest for some free family fun. Organizers have cranked up the snow machines to ensure a successful event. One year ago, we had plenty of snow, but no Winterfest due to the massive protests, so I thought I’d repost this story written during this crazy time. This year, there’s no excuse. Get to Winterfest and enjoy!

Get Kids Outside

Last week I canceled Ski club. Organizers also canceled most of  Winterfest.

Not for extreme cold or lack of snow, but because of the protest at the Capitol.

It’s been a surreal week.

On Wednesday, Superintendent Nerad closed Madison schools because so many teachers called in sick.

On Thursday, many other principals closed schools due to teacher sick-outs. I canceled ski club because we had no kids to take.

On Friday, schools remained closed and people continued to swarm the Capitol in growing numbers. Organizers canceled Winterfest which was to take place around the Capitol on Saturday and Sunday. A few events moved to the Memorial Union.

Since I had planned to take kids to Winterfest, we went to the Union instead. To avoid traffic headaches, we rode the bus. This was quite the adventure for the kids. Little did we know that we’d be crammed on a bus…

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