The Ferocious 5: The joy of same-sex bike groups

Isaiah, Micah, Buba, Cashel and Gavin look cool on the Goodman Center's new bikes.

Meet the Ferocious 5: Isaiah, Micah, Buba, Cashel and Gavin.

The boys make up my morning Bike for Life group at the Goodman Community Center.
I have a girl group in the afternoon.
While I didn’t plan it this way, I’m seeing the benefits of same-sex groups.

I find it easier to manage behaviors in same-sex groups because the behaviors are similar. In this case, the boys are more competitive. They argue more and listen less. They want to go fast, but then poop out.  The girls don’t argue at all and they’re better listeners. They pace themselves and have more stamina. If they’re competitive, they don’t show it, or at least not yet.

Neither is better, but the energies are so very different.

Of course, same-sex groups may not work this smoothly in all cases, but I’m happy with them so far.

Bike for Life meets every Friday for 9 more weeks. Stay tuned for more stories about the Ferocious 5 and the Girl Group.

Bike for Life teaches kids how to love biking so they’ll want to do it forever. In addition, they’ll learn about healthy snacks so that they’ll stay fit.

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