Biking: Independence on Wheels

Icie and Micah show off our super cool folding bikes outside the Goodman Community Center after our first neighborhood ride.

A bike is an independence machine.

Give a kid a bike and they have the means to see and do things
that they couldn’t do before. Of course, biking is also good exercise, it’s good for the environment and it’s just plain fun.
I just launched a new biking program at Goodman Community Center
called Bike for Life. Bike for Life teaches kids how to safely ride and navigate city bike paths and roads. It also strives to get kids moving and teach them about healthy nutrition. Obesity is a huge issue today, especially among minority populations. Of course, the serious stuff is disguised in the fun and adventure of biking.
Stay tuned for more stories about biking with kids this summer.
It’s time to Bike for Life.

3 thoughts on “Biking: Independence on Wheels

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