Leaf Out: Stop, look and enjoy Spring

The lush spring garden.

Buds and blossoms are bursting everywhere and today’s 80 degree heat will speed growth exponentially.

Be sure to stop, look, and enjoy this rich time of year.

Here are few simple things to do with kids.

– Pick a bud and record its growth each day. Use a ruler to measure.
– If you have a digital camera, take a photo and compare the photos.
– See how long the blossoms last.
– Count the number of blooms on a plant (within reason).
– Are there insects on the plant?
– What does it smell like?
– What colors do you see? Challenge them by asking them to look beyond the obvious. Are there patterns?  Are some leaves darker or lighter?  Look underneath. What do you notice?

Most of all have fun and enjoy. Spring lasts a nanosecond in Wisconsin so be sure to soak it up while it’s here.

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