Let’s Go Biking: New folding bikes arriving soon

Really cool Schwinn folding bike. Gotta love the back rack. Makes you want to ride doesn't it?

“Let’s go biking!”

We will receive five Schwinn folding bikes next week. These bikes form the foundation of a new bike program at the Goodman Community Center. I am very excited about this program and will start taking kids on trips as soon as the bikes arrive.

Why folding bikes?  Well, they are much easier to store and they look really cool. The kids will love them. Plus Willy Street Bikes gave us a really good deal.

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting program.

Tell me what you think?  Do you like to bike? Have you ridden a folding bike? What are your favorite places to ride with kids?

It’s beautiful day in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, Diane is stuck inside writing grants in order to take more kids outside. If you’d like to contribute to Get Kids Outside, please “like” this article. If you’d like to donate to Get Kids Outside, just email me with your donation amount and I’ll forward a Paypal link. Thank you.

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