Wheels for Winners: Kids earn a bike for service

Every kid should have a bike. Period. Biking promotes independence and fitness but most of all it’s fun.

Wheels for Winners is one of the coolest organizations on the planet because they put bikes in the hands of kids – and adults – that can’t afford them.

The program is easy.
Kids do 15 hours of community service and earn a bike, helmet, lock and license.

I just started working with five 3rd and 4th graders on this program. We’re doing jobs around the Goodman Community Center and they love it. Kids love being of service. It boosts their self-worth and teaches them about the world. Remarkably, one of my kids is doing the program just to do the service. She already has a bike!

If you know of a kid who doesn’t have a bike and can’t afford one, let them know about this program. Many organizations would be happy to work with you. And, if you can’t do service, kids can write 5 book reports instead. The reports don’t have to be scholarly, just enough to let them know that you read the book.

It’s a great program. Let me know what you think.

You can find Diane working with kids at the Goodman Community Center or at Schumacher Farm Park looking for pasque flowers.  Register for this blog now and receive a free 11-page Bubble Activity Guide. Oh, and don’t forget to “like” what you see.

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