Big Trip Tomorrow: Must get Zzzzzzz

Tomorrow I am taking 45 people to Maple Syrup Fest at MacKenzie Environmental Education Center.

Tonight I will be in bed by 8 pm.  Promise.

Preparing for a trip like this is exciting and tiring. The permission slips are probably the thing I hate most. They are a necessary part of working with kids, but paperwork is never fun for me. Then I worry about everything going well. What will the weather be like?  Will everyone show up? Will the bus be on time? And on and on…. Of course, everything always goes just fine, but that doesn’t mean my brain shuts off.  It doesn’t.  This is tiring.

That’s why sleep is especially important before a big trip.

Well gotta get ready for bed. Goodnight.

As a teacher, parent or childcare provider, how do you take care of yourself?

When awake, Diane Schwartz is the Outdoor Education Specialist at the Goodman Community Center. She also manages Schumacher Farm County Park in Waunakee. Subscribe to this blog now and receive a free 11-page Bubble Activity Guide.

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