How Not to Crash: Safe Sledding Technique for Kids

Sledding is fun, but it only takes one accident to ruin everything. A few simple tips can keep your event safe.

1) Teach kids how to roll out of their sled: Jumping off of a moving sled isn’t intuitive, nor is dragging your feet. These skills need to be taught.  Things happen so fast on a sled and before you know it, you’re looking to crash. If your kids like to crash – you know who they are – tell them that rolling from a moving sled is pretty exciting too.

2)  Always stand with your front facing the top of the hill: This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s not. I watched two boys nearly get hit because they were  goofing off on the hill after their run. They didn’t see a sled coming. Remind kids to get up immediately after a run and stay present to sledders all around them.

3)  Always go down feet first: Most sledding accidents happen because kids go down head first. They can’t control the sled on their stomachs and crashing can strain the neck.

4)  Wear Helmets: Okay, I don’t require this on my sledding trips, but if you are really concerned about safety, the experts recommend this.

What are you doing to keep your kids safe this winter while sledding, skiing and ice skating?

Diane Schwartz is an Outdoor Education Teacher at Goodman Community Center in Madison, Wisconsin. She is also the Site Coordinator at Schumacher Farm County Park in Waunakee. Register for this blog now and receive your free 11-page Bubble Activity Guide.  Thank you for visiting.

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