Blissful Solo Skiing: A Joyful Escape to Indian Lake

On Sunday, I went cross-country skiing at Indian Lake County Park .

Without kids. Without anyone.

It was blissful.

This doesn’t mean that I’m out of the kid business. Ski lessons start in a few weeks, so that day is coming. What it does mean is that solo escapes are a necessary part of working with kids.

Teaching kids how to ski is rewarding, but it takes patience. They are learning, and in the beginning, there is more falling than skiing. They need help with their skis. They need coaching and lots of encouragement. I tend to get cold quicker because I’m not moving as much. That’s why taking time for me is so important.

It felt great to sink into a  downhill turn and swoosh up the next hill unfettered by others.  Unbelievably, I was the only skier in the park. The miles ticked by quickly and by the end of the red loop – about 4 miles – I didn’t want to go. I stopped by the fire pit and talked to a few sledders before taking off.

What a great day in the woods.

What are you doing to get ready for your next adventure with kids?

You can find Diane teaching kids how to cross-country ski at Black Hawk Ski Club in Middleton starting in January 2011. Contact her at Looking for inside Bubble Fun?  Subscribe to my blog now and I’ll send you an 11-page bubble activity guide FREE.


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