Bubble Art: Creative & Colorful Fun for all Ages

Bubble art takes many forms.
More than I could imagine.

So I learned on Saturday, July 31 when more than 25 kids, parents and adults showed up at Meadowridge Library to play with bubbles.

The concept is simple. Just blow bubbles (colored with food coloring) on to paper.
When the bubble pops, it leaves the colored imprint behind.

Some people soaked their paper which resulted in a cotton candy like array of colors.
Other people blew bubbles in the container and scooped tiny bubbles on to paper.
Others layered the bubbles on the paper in different colors.

Of course, a few kids just wanted to blow bubbles, so they got to do that too. However, an indoor environment requires some restraint. This project can also be done outside to allow for more creative bubble blowing.

As always, let me know about your adventures with kids and bubbles.

For a free Bubble Activity Guide with complete instructions on how to do Bubble Art and other cool, simple activities with bubbles, just register for my blog. To sign up, go to the home page and enter your email address. Thank you and have fun with kids outside today!


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