First Insect — First Day of Summer Camp

Today, Louis found the first insect of the summer. I’m not sure what it is, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is his interest.

He carried it carefully on a stick all the way back to the classroom from the park. We put it in a plastic container with some holes punched in the top and placed it on the counter.

I’m happy that Louis got so excited about his find. Some of the kids
were squeamish, but not him. He was careful, proud and
curious. Perhaps this will rub off on the others.

The next step is to bring in a fish tank with a screen net. We’ll put some
dirt and some leaves in the bottom and soon we’ll have all sorts of creepy
crawlies running around.

I can’t wait.

There’s lots of summer to go.

You can find Diane Schwartz playing with insects at the Goodman Community Center where she is a K-5 teacher.  She leads hiking, skiing and biking adventures.  In her spare time, she sells bubble wands and does outdoor consulting.

For a free 11-page Bubble Activity Guide,  just go to the home page and subscribe to this blog.


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