Bubble Party: Tips for Bubbling with a lot of Kids

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We do lots of bubbling during warm weather.
Here are some tips for hours of happy, bubbling fun with lots of kids. These guidelines use the Big Bubble Wands and recipe available on this blog.

1)  Make Bubble Juice: Make at least 2 gallons of bubble juice. It’s cheap and you don’t want to run out. The recipe comes with the wands or you can find it under “Bubbles” on this blog.

2) Create a Bubble Zone: The wands stay in the bubble area.

3) Tray Placement: Place bubble trays in the Zone, a good distance apart. I usually place 5 trays and have 10 wands.  Older kids can place and fill the trays with juice.

4) Safe Wand Use: Bubble wands are for making bubbles only. This ensures that no one gets hit with a bubble wand accidentally. Bubble poppers use their hands. If necessary, remind kids that wands are not swords or weapons.

5) Have Other Activities: Have other activities to do besides bubbles such as play structures, hula hoops, ball games, water games, etc. Allow kids can enter and exit the Bubble Zone at will, leaving the wands for other kids to play with. This way you only need 10 wands for about 20 kids. Plus, remember that some kids love to pop only. This is fun to watch.

6) Clean-Up. The juice is sticky, so kids may need to wash their hands afterward. The wands, trays and mixing bowls clean up easy with water.

Most of all, have fun. Kids love  bubbles. I have had very few behavior issues with bubbles. I think this is because bubbling is non-competitive and beautiful. It also helps to have lots of  wands and trays and other things to do at your party.

You can find Diane Schwartz bubbling at the Goodman Community Center where she is a K-5 teacher.  She leads hiking, skiing and biking adventures.  In her spare time, she sells bubble wands and does outdoor consulting.

For a free 11-page Bubble Activity Guide,  just go to the home page and subscribe to this blog.


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