Conservation Giant: Bud Jordahl dies at 83

Bud Jordahl

Bud Jordahl died May 11, 2010.

He was my teacher in grad school.

He’s one of those teachers that you remember for a lifetime. He was kind, patient and giving. You knew he cared.  He inspired me to make a difference, which is what great teachers do.

My graduate research focused on the Lower Wisconsin River. He was passionate about the Lower Wisconsin River and was influential in getting me to fully understand the ramifications of preserving the scenic beauty of this amazing landscape. He introduced me to people at the National Parks Service and helped me organize a conference about the river. He treated me with respect and dignity.

Later, I visited his farm in Richland County and helped make maple syrup. When I went back to school to become a teacher, he wrote me a letter of encouragement. That meant a lot to me.

I saw him for the last time at the Earth Day at 40 Conference in Madison in April. He was the main reason I went and I’m glad I did.

Always the teacher, he was supportive of my work with kids.  If I could be just a little like him, I would be grateful.

In his lifetime, he championed so many environmental causes that it’s impossible to write them all down. Others have done that for me. You can read his obituary here

He will be greatly missed.

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