Blue, Red and Green Snow: Colorful Outdoor Play

Give kids something unusual to play with and watch what happens.

On Friday, I filled up a bunch of spray bottles with colored water, grabbed some bubble wands and bubble juice and went outside with 6 kids.  They immediately got creative. Each kid picked a different color and started squirting the snow different colors.  Then each child gave themselves a name and marked off their territory in the snow.  They picked tornado, storm and wolverine. I think they got these names from the Fantastic Four or from watching other super hero movies. They gave me the name “Bubble Monster.” I would blow bubbles and they’d squirt them from the sky. Then, they’d retreat to their territory for protection.

This was a lot of fun and the temperature was perfect. The spray bottles didn’t freeze up like they had on other adventures. Kids love this activity and are fascinated by the different colors. They also like watching the water freeze on surfaces and change the texture of the snow. Their creative play was an added bonus. It was fun watching these very different kids play together so well.


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