Crazy Fun Ice Sledding

What do you get when you take kindergarten and first graders sledding on a very icy hill?    Comic relief and crazy fun.

The comic relief came from the kids trying to climb up the icy hill. They’d get so far and then fall down. We all laughed. I actually think the kids liked the challenge because there was a less icy option, but they ignored it.  What great exercise.

The crazy fun part was screaming down the hill. This was a fast hill. We had the most fun when we linked all our sleds together and went down as a 7-sled unit.  The ride felt like we were on a rollercoaster and the ice made the glide extra long. Now we just need a bit of snow to freshen things up.

If you’d like to try this hill, go to Heistad Park in Madison on Milwaukee Street. It’s the park with the frisbee golf course. Happy winter. Kids love to sled!

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