Winter Tracks on a Cold Day

It’s important to get outside even on cold days. Teaching kids how to dress for cold weather is a great skill to have. Too many people stay inside all winter. Meanwhile, there’s a world of ice and snow ready to explore. Today, Four hearty kids and three adults went on a walk in the frozen Arboretum today. It was about 10 degrees with a stiff wind.

Turkey Tracks

Our Arboretum guide was very knowledgeable and helped us see many things that are hard, if not impossible to see, in the warmer months.  We saw deer tracks, coyote tracks, turkey tracks, woodpecker holes in trees, deer rubbings, and, yes, even signs of spring. She pointed out places on trees and shrubs that indicate where they will bloom as soon as the weather warms.

Coyote Tracks

What these kids are getting is an appreciation for winter, the outdoors, and for the wonderful place called the Arboretum. They are getting exercise and fresh air, which will make them sleep better and feel better. They are also gaining confidence in their ability to be outside in cold weather. On a day when many people complained about the cold, they got to see a lot of people out skiing and hiking. This can not be underestimated. Complaining about the weather is a waste of time.

After our hike, I was inspired to go ice skating at Tenny Park. There were a lot of people out there too, despite the cold.  I felt so happy to be out there and to have enjoyed the day. Skating lifted my spirits. I look forward to my next trip.


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