Camp Randall Joy

How do you spell joy?  Let 50 kids run out of the tunnel on to the field at Camp Randall Stadium on a beautiful April 70 degree day.

Watching this was like watching an explosion of energy and joy. There’s something magical about letting kids loose on a football field. They burst into full tilt runs; faked passes and made pretend touchdowns. They posed on the giant “W” in the middle of the field and screamed “Go Badgers!”  Some kicked off their shoes and laid down in the end zone. They touched the soft, fake turf and marveled at it. “Is it real,” some muttered. For a moment, they pretended to be football stars, careening down the field for a game winning score.

There are large open fields everywhere, but only one Camp Randall Stadium. The excitement of a Badger game oozes from the field, even when empty. I’m glad the kids got to experience this excitement.

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