Bike Camp Retrospective

I just finished a week of bike camp. There were 9 kids who participated in a week long camp designed to introduce and excite kids about the wonderful world of biking. We had a great time. 

I learned a lot about planning trips for kids. First, it’s a lot of work and a lot of worry. Will it rain? Do I have enough food ordered? Will the kids poop out? Will the rides be strenuous enough?  In the end, I learned that you just have to go with it and see what happens. It worked out. 

We had kids on the trip from all walks of life. Four kids were on scholarships and 6 were paid. This meant that some kids came to camp with bikes that were barely useable. We had spare bikes for them to ride. Other kids needed to get their bikes fixed to make them usable. A few kids were experienced bicyclists, but most were just regular kids out to have some fun. Overall, the kids got along well and did a great job. 

The best part was watching Joey blossom. In one week, he went from being self-conscious and embarrassed to outgoing and friendly. This was great to see because on the first day, he became so self-conscious about his helmut not fitting right that he couldn’t do the last ride. Then he felt even worse because he didn’t ride. Emotionally, he just was having a hard time. The next day, he turned it around and had a good day. He loved being with other kids and enjoyed himself.  On the last day, he brought balloons for everyone on the trip, a very sweet gesture. 

While the camp was a lot of work, it turned out to be worth it.


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